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What does bioavailable mean?

Bioavailability relates to the capacity of a nutrient to be absorbed into the gastrointestinal system and bloodstream, making the nutrient more bioactive (efficacious) in the human body for the health and wellbeing of the recipient. The NutraIso® patented extraction process “pre-digests” the phytonutrients in the germ and bran layers of rice so the human body can absorb and utilize the maximum amount of its bioavailable nutrients.

What does enzymatic hydrolyzation mean?

Hydrolyzation involves using specific enzymes to cleave a substance into smaller component parts. The more enhanced the enzyme hydrolyzation, the greater the bioavailability of the proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and micro/macro nutrients are for absorption in the human digestive system.

What is a phytonutrient?

A phytonutrient is a natural compound derived from plants that provides documented beneficial qualities for human health.