At the heart of Quintessence Nutraceuticals, is a team of agricultural and food science experts, who, along with an extensive group of global food and beverage market developers are focused on delivering nutrient-dense products that positively affect the lives of individuals living with chronic health conditions and nutritional deficiencies.

It began with a desire to address the issues of food insecurity and chronic malnutrition among children in developing countries. The team knew any solution needed to be sustainable and regionally applicable. Following nearly a decade of research and development, NutraIso was born.

Using patented enzymatic hydrolyzation technology, Quintessence extracts the nutraceutical and pharmacological isolates from the bran and germ layers of rice. No longer rice, but a derivative thereof, plant-based NutraIso is an all-natural, highly bioavailable and bioactive nutraceutical ingredient producing measurable and life-changing results. These benefits are clinically proven to address health concerns across populations and life stages: from prenatal to pre-diabetic, infant to senior wellness.

In partnering with global food and beverage companies, Quintessence Nutraceuticals is strategically focused on incorporating NutraIso into a range of food and beverage products that enhance the desire to live healthily and to be healthy naturally.

Whom We Support

Sustainable Nutrition International

Changing the life of a child not just for a day but for a lifetime

Sustainable Nutrition International (SNI) is an independent 501c3 Charitable Organization registered in the United States and focused on critical nutrition to nutrient-deficient populations. SNI’s primary mission is to remediate chronic malnutrition in children through early intervention with proprietary and clinically documented nutraceutical formulations for lactating mothers.

The documented capacity of NutraIso to remediate the physical and cognitive effects of chronic malnutrition among breastfed infants is at the heart of SNI’s program initiatives. Phase 1 early intervention field clinical trials in Central America demonstrated the significant impact NutraIso can have in undernourished populations.  In 2013, the NutraIso technology received the Patents for Humanity Award for remediating chronic malnutrition in lactating mothers and their breastfed infants.  

There are 165 million children under the age of 5 living in a state of chronic malnutrition. Between birth and 24 months of age, nutrition is critical for physical growth and cognitive ability, as well as building a strong immune system that supports persons through the adult years. Chronic malnutrition and inadequate dietary intake in infancy can lead to stunted growth and decreased mental development, leading to a lifetime of underachievement and socioeconomic struggle.

This perpetuation of poverty can have a multi-generational and whole-community impact long-term. Sustainable Nutrition International is working to provide life-changing nutritional intervention to these at-risk populations, and Quintessence Nutraceuticals is proud to be associated with that effort.

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