Who We Are

Quintessence Nutraceuticals patented technology unlocks the nutrient rich content embodied in rice bran and
maximizes its bioavailability for use in functional foods and consumer wellness applications.

When the food scientists of Quintessence began their investigation of the best way to address chronic malnutrition in infants in underdeveloped countries, they immediately turned to rice bran as the best source of nutrition.  Given its worldwide availability and unmatched nutritional profile, it seemed to be a perfect fit.  However, from their more than 100 years of combined experience they knew the challenge they had to address:  How do we unlock the incredibly nutrient rich content of rice bran and make it bioavailable?

In its native state, rice bran is marginally digestible in the human body.  As a result, most of its nutritional value is not made available by the human digestive system and simply passes through without unleashing its full nutritional potential.  To solve the problem of chronic malnutrition the founders of Quintessence spent more than seven years in R&D to create a breakthrough technology that extracts the maximum nutritional and pharmacological values from rice bran and makes them highly bioavailable.  A clinical trial on remediating chronic malnutrition in infants completed in Central America demonstrated conclusively that the product of their technology can remediate chronic malnutrition in prenatal/lactating mothers and their breastfed infants.

This game-changing technology is now being used to produce – Nutra-Iso® – a hydrolyzed bioactive extract from rice bran.  Nutra-Iso® serves a wide variety of applications by adding bioavailable nutritional and nutraceutical values to functional foods, and serves as a base for naturally addressing numerous chronic health conditions, including insulin resistance in pre-insulin dependent diabetics, remediating chronic malnutrition in infants and as a dietary supplement for seniors impacted by nutrition deficiencies that occur in the normal course of aging.

Our focus is on creating science supported products to be used in applications where we can make a real difference in the health and wellbeing of individuals with pre-disease health conditions.