Reducing Insulin Resistance in Pre- and Type 2 Diabetics

A Chronic Health Condition Affecting More Than 115 Million People in the U.S.

Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States and accounts for nearly $245 billion in medical costs and lost productivity each year according to CDC statistics. Excluding Type 1 diabetes, it is well understood that diabetes is a preventable disease condition that could be mitigated through early intervention with scientifically documented nutraceutical nutritional dietary intake.

Most nutraceutical products lack the natural bioactive pharmacological isolates that have been scientifically documented to provide health benefits beyond their base nutritional values. This fact, along with inadequate/unhealthy dietary intake, lead to compromised physical, cognitive, and metabolic wellness and a declining quality of life. Left unattended, the result is expensive lifelong medical treatment for managing the diseases that could have been mitigated through early intervention with the bioactive nutraceutical nutrition of Nutra-Iso® verses expensive pharmaceutical drugs later.

Nutra-Iso® is the first nutraceutical awarded a U.S. Patent[1] for reducing insulin resistance. Clinical studies using conventional, less effective extraction processes have shown that a diet supplemented with a standard rice bran extract could potentially reduce fasting blood glucose by 33% in Type 2 diabetics and reduce A1c levels by 15%. While establishing a performance baseline, no standard extraction technology achieved patent status by the USPTO due to the fact that ‘prior art’ standards were not superseded. The enhanced extraction technology developed by the founders of Quintessence Nutraceuticals achieved USPTO patent status for reducing insulin resistance (the hallmark of performance sought for pharmacological products) by developing a multi-phase enzyme extraction process that supersedes existing ‘prior art’ to produce a unique and higher performance standard. See the discussion on Nutra-Iso® Nutritionals – How They Work.

Nutra-Iso® offers the opportunity to change the performance paradigm for addressing prediabetic health and wellness. The nutrient rich, highly bioactive formulation of Nutra-Iso® has pharmacological values that make it a potential alternative to higher risk, more expensive pharmaceutical drugs. Based on the all-natural nutraceutical nutritional formulation of Nutra-Iso®, consumers and consumer product manufacturers can address nutritional deficiency-based health conditions that, when left unattended, often lead to diabetic management using pharmaceuticals.

[1] U.S. Patent 9,192,180 – “Nutritionally Enhanced Fraction from Rice Bran and Method of Lowering Insulin Resistance Using Same” – Nov. 2015.