Problems and Solutions

A Worldwide Problem

Nutritional deficiencies give rise to all kinds of health problems. With continued nutritional deficiencies, health problems can become acute and permanent. The rapid growth in the market for supplements and nutraceuticals is a strong testament to the widespread recognition that normal diets are inadequate for a great portion of the worldwide population.

Unfortunately, many nutraceutical products are lacking in the natural bioactive pharmacological isolates that have been scientifically documented to provide health benefits beyond their base nutritional values. This fact, along with inadequate / unhealthy dietary intake, leads to compromised physical, cognitive, and metabolic wellness and a declining qualify of life. This diagram illustrates the ‘Cycle of Malnutrition’ that leads to more serious health problems if left unattended. Aging populations, pregnant and lactating mothers, newborn infants and individuals managing chronic health conditions are particularity vulnerable.

A Worldwide Solution

The ideal solution to this worldwide problem would likely have several things in common:

  • Takes advantage of food products with worldwide availability
  • Is all-natural, hypoallergenic, gluten free and Non-GMO
  • Is very high in phytonutrients with high pharmacological values
  • Makes available the maximum value of phytonutrients contained in a food source
  • Can be formulated into multiple products to address a wide variety of health and wellness needs
  • Relies on natural processes for achieving maximum nutritional value
  • Is cost-effective to produce and commercialize

Nutra-Iso® meets all these criteria and more. As an all-natural nutraceutical nutritional comprised of phytonutrients extracted from rice bran, Nutra-Iso® possesses pharmacological values scientifically documented to mitigate specific chronic health conditions. A clinical trial demonstrated the bioavailable and bioactive benefits of Nutra-Iso®. Based on sound research, laboratory analysis and clinical trials, there are a number of the opportunities where Nutra-Iso® can make a difference.

Transforming Market Paradigms