Patented Technology

Due to its unique and transformative extraction process, Nutra-Iso® was awarded patent Number 8,945,642 B2 by the United States Patent Office[1]. Moreover, the Nutra-Iso® technology was awarded the ‘Patent for Humanity Award’ by the United States Department of Commerce for its impact on the health and wellness of nutrient deficient populations in Central America.

Rice bran extracts are commonly derived through a simple enzymatic process (Standard Enzyme Treatment) that breaks down some of the barriers to natural digestion. These are commercially available processes that make rice bran extracts somewhat more bioavailable than unprocessed rice bran. However, these processes have limitations which do not allow the full phytonutrient value of rice bran to be made available in the human body.

Patented Extraction Process. Our patented transformative technology (Enhanced Enzyme Treatment) further breaks down barriers allowing far greater gastrointestinal tract digestion and absorption, thereby producing an embodiment of nutritional isolates (especially the antioxidants) that have a synergistic effect in making the phytonutrients more bioavailable and bioactive in the human body. The antioxidants in Nutra-Iso® provide a catalytic synergism in making the balance of nutritional isolates more efficacious, and enhance the immune system and metabolic systems by reducing free radicals that diminish cellular function. This table shows that our patented Enhanced Enzyme Treatment produces 167.6% more of the good fat (including Omega 3 and Omega 6), and 220.9% more bioavailable protein than the Standard Enzyme Treatment. Laboratory studies have also shown that Nutra-Iso® contains 30% more antioxidants compared to standard enzyme treatments.

Additional Patents. Our transformative technology serves as a platform for additional applications and patents. We were awarded the first U.S. Patent for an all-natural nutraceutical to reduce insulin resistance[2] and we have a patent pending for remediating nutritional deficiencies in lactating mothers and infants[3].

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[2] U.S. Patent 9,192,180 B2 – “Nutritionally enhanced fraction from rice bran and method of lowering insulin resistance using same” – November 2015.

[3] “Nutritionally enhanced isolate formulation from stabilized rice bran for remediating nutritional deficiencies in lactating mothers and infants.’