Nutrient Rich Rice Bran

Bioactive Nutritional Value. Rice bran contains significantly more nutritional elements than other grains, including bioactive phytonutrients with pharmacological isolates proven to be effective in mitigating specific chronic health conditions (including tocotrienols, tocopherols, gamma oryzanols, polyphenols and phytosterols) and is readily available worldwide as a by-product from the rice milling process. Unfortunately, the nutritional potency of raw rice bran is not readily broken down and assimilated in the human digestive system.

Not All Forms of Rice Bran Are Nutritionally Equivalent. While there are many forms of rice bran on the market, and may appear to have very similar 100-gram nutritional profiles, they are not equivalent to Nutra-Iso® in terms of their nutritional assimilation into the human body. Scientific studies have shown that rice bran is not easily digested in its natural state. The enzymes required to make the nutritional value fully bioavailable are not part of the human digestive process. To unlock the full nutritional profile and make those phytonutrients bioavailable and bioactive in the human bloodstream, external processing is required prior to human consumption[1].

Transformative Patented Technology. Quintessence Nutraceuticals has the most effective and the only patented technology for processing rice bran to create extracts that maximize the nutritional value and make the phytonutrients fully bioavailable. This extraction process can be likened to enzymatic fermentation, creating more bioavailable and more bioactive nutrients for the human body to utilize. In particular, the hydrolyzed protein and hydrolyzed fats created in this unique process are more bioavailable and more bioactive, thereby increasing the bioavailability of antioxidants found in the hydrolyzed fats and enhancing the nutritional value of the protein. This transformative technology is what makes Nutra-Iso® the most nutritious and bioavailable rice bran product available for the functional food and nutraceutical supplements markets.

[1]Effects of stabilized rice bran, its soluble and fiber fractions on blood glucose and serum lipid parameters in humans with diabetes mellitus Types I and II – Qureshi, – Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry 13 (2002), pages 175-187.