Enhancing Infant Nutrition

The Blueprint For Life

There is nothing more important than ensuring that infants get the optimal nutrition both in prenatal development and in early infancy. Through the first six months or longer, it is universally recognized that breast feeding is the optimal course of nourishment for babies. However, that outcome is very dependent on the nutritional intake of the pregnant / lactating mother and the bioavailability her nutritional intake.

The bioavailability of Nutra-Iso® and subsequent bioactivity of its highly hydrolyzed phytonutrients in the mother’s gastrointestinal tract, as well as the natural pharmacological isolates in Nutra-Iso® significantly enhance the nutritional health of the mother and are readily transferred to the infant. These benefits continue throughout the postnatal stage, particularly during the first 6-18 months when the infants’ “blueprint for life” is being developed. The result: infants born into a chronically malnourished condition can be fully remediated and avoid a life of stunted physical, mental and metabolic underperformance.

A clinical trial was conducted among nutrient deficient populations of Central America using Nutra-Iso® to augment the diet of prenatal mothers who had lived in a chronic state of malnutrition. By simply adding Nutra-Iso® to their diet, not only was the sample of mothers better nourished, but their children were born with significantly enhanced health and development measurements based on World Health Organization measurement criteria. Continuing Nutra-Iso® supplementation during lactation and breast feeding resulted in significant increases in infant physical, cognitive and metabolic health and vitality.

See the full study report: [Bioavailability and Bioactivity of Nutra-Iso by Sanchez, Sullivan and Miller]

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