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Where We Started

Following successful careers in the food and agribusiness sectors, the founders of Quintessence embarked on a new and challenging personal mission… to alleviate chronic malnutrition in  children, particularly through early intervention among pregnant/lactating mothers and their breastfed infants in nutrient deficient populations. Their initial focus was in Central America where chronic malnutrition impacts a significant portion of the population (see www.sustainable-nutrition-intl.org for additional information).

After several years of research, development and testing, these science-driven individuals successfully developed a pioneering and transformative technology for extracting the pharmacological phytonutrients from rice bran. Rice bran is an extremely nutrient dense by-product of the rice milling process and is readily available worldwide, but it is not readily digested and bioavailable in the human gastrointestinal tract. This propriety extraction technology led to the further development of Nutra-Iso®, a nutraceutical nutritional ingredient with hydrolyzed pharmacological nutritional values essential to the mitigation of chronic health conditions in a broad spectrum of human populations.

The Founders’ technology and product development success led them to establish Quintessence Nutraceuticals.  They quickly realized that the technology they created had beneficial applications well beyond remediating chronic malnutrition in children.  Nutrition deficits are a leading cause of chronic health problems across all age groups. As an all-natural nutraceutical nutritional, Nutra-Iso® is comprised of phytonutrients that possess pharmacological values scientifically documented to mitigate specific chronic health conditions. For example, the second patent we were awarded is the first for a nutraceutical to reduce insulin resistance, and is what we expect to be the first of many received for addressing chronic health conditions.

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