About Nutra-Iso®

What is Nutra-Iso®? Nutra-Iso® is a true nutraceutical ingredient that has been scientifically documented to reduce the health risks associated with chronic health conditions in nutrient deficient populations. Extracted from rice bran, Nutra-Iso® is an all-natural nutraceutical nutritional comprised of phytonutrients that possess pharmacological values scientifically documented to mitigate specific chronic health conditions. Our hydrolyzed bioactive rice bran extract (Nutra-Iso®) provides the base ingredient for product formulations that clinical studies have demonstrated can change the paradigm for managing chronic health conditions. Our unique and patented technology results in an embodiment of nutritionally enhanced and bioactive macronutrients, micronutrients, antioxidants and vitamins with enhanced bioavailability to mitigate and/or remediate specific health conditions. (See the discussion: Nutra-Iso® Nutritionals – How They Work.)

The paradigm changing phytonutrient extraction technology serves as a platform for developing a broad spectrum of bioactive nutritional formulations based on the primary derivative product – Nutra-Iso®. These formulations address specific chronic health conditions such as insulin resistance, chronic malnutrition in infants and many health problems caused by nutrition deficits in Seniors.


  • Contains the highest source of phytonutrients extracted from rice bran per gram
  • Contains 13.1% protein per 100 grams
  • Contains 27.9% fats (inclusive of Omega 3 and 6)
  • Is more bioavailable than native rice bran
  • Contains over 80 antioxidants
  • Is Gluten Free, Non-GMO, and Hypoallergenic

Contains Over 80 Antioxidants
21 Phytosterols
12 B-Vitamin Complexes
16 Gamma Oryzanols
10 Tocophenols / Tocotrienols
9 Polyphenols (incl. a-Lipoic Acid)
10 Polysacchrides
5 Phospholipids
and Omega-3

How is Nutra-Iso® Different? While other forms of rice bran and rice bran extracts might have similar 100-gram nutritional profiles, it is what the human body can digest and get into the bloodstream (bioavailable and bioactive) that matters. As discussed in the technology section, our patented technology extracts significantly more bioavailable protein, fats, carbohydrates and antioxidants than other commercial processes.

Transforming Market Paradigms. A great many chronic health conditions have a foundation in nutritional deficiencies. What evolves from this is a ‘Cycle of Malnutrition’ that leads to more serious health problems. These problems exist in every age group in all parts of the world. As shown below, from prenatal mothers providing inadequate nutrition to their fetuses and lactating mothers producing inadequate nutrition for their breastfed infants, to increasing obesity, diabetes, etc., in adults due to poor dietary habits, to seniors negatively impacted by ineffective nutrition intake as they age, inadequate nutrition is a worldwide problem. Very often the problem is not due to the lack of foods; rather it is often for a variety of other reasons, including lack of access to foods containing the appropriate nutrition, personal dietary food choices, cultural habits and changes in metabolic efficiency, all of which result in the lack of necessary nutrients entering the bloodstream. With appropriately supplemented diets, the emphasis can and should be on taking actions to prevent chronic illnesses before such conditions require pharmaceutical management.


Cause: Inadequate pre-natal, infant, and early childhood nutrition due to lack of access; poor choices; cultural choices.

Result: Stunted Physical and Cognitive Development

Cause: Mostly poor nutrition; lack of access; cultural choices.

Result: Development of Chronic Health Conditions Requiring Pharmacological Intervention.

Cause: Reduced intake with slowing metabolism; increasingly inefficient gastrointestinal absorption; poor nutrition; lack of access.

Result: Impaired Immune System, Increased Frailty, Increased Susceptibility to Chronic Health Conditions.